Alliances (correspondance

a letter from Luke in response to Nesterin’s update on Artherien’s departure


Thank you for writing back. I feel much relieved that Key has an ally with the court. The world we move in does not prepare us for the skills necessary to navigate such an environment. I have no doubt in time, Key will become skilled as she does with all her endeavors.

I am troubled that your sister is scared of Artherien. Did she say anything specific? She was in tune with him when we were there, and I can’t help but wonder if something happened with him that frightened her. Let’s just say his problem solving toolkit always seemed to come back to his anger.

If you need any help in all of this, just tell us what we can do. Sadly, we are not skilled enough to attempt to get into the Underdark just yet. It’s on our list for our quest, but not until later. Hopefully we will have learned more, and be less likely to die right off.

I have a stone, but be careful, they can be eavesdropped on. I think letters are actually more secure if you have anything sensitive to impart.

Thank you again, for writing back. You have put my mind at ease.

Key does plan to head back to your home city at some point. Perhaps we could trade smiles in person.

Thank you,


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