Temple of Dakhla (location)

Name: Temple of Dakhla
Location: 4oo m. south of Port Said (Dakhla Egypt)
Purpose: Burial site of a hero of the Suma Creation Myth.
Condition: 5,000 year old ruined temple
Surrounding Places of Note:

General Appearance: The temple is a small stone building left over from the hero of the Suma Creation Myth.


The Temple of Dakhla was the burial site of the Suma Creation Myth hero Tanith / Meania / Nanshe, the holder of the Key of Beletili. She retired to the temple and lived out her life, and when she was passed away she was buried in quiet solitude as her contributions had already been forgotten.

Over the next five thousand years the temple fell away into ruins as the new gods secured their hold over the world again. She rested quietly in her sarcophagus undisturbed. Several hundred years ago a blue dragon arrived and eventually gave birth to two younger dragons.

The area is avoided by the Anfauglir Roch Tura (Desert Horse Masters) because of the dragons, but was recently “cleansed” by the Silken Fist who slew all three dragons and took the Key of Beletili from the resting place

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