Port Said (location)

Port Said Flag

Name:   Port Said
Location:   Coast of the Khemet (Port Said, Egypt)
Purpose:   Main port into Khemet Lands
Condition:   Center of commerce and trade.
Surrounding Places of Note:

General Appearance: A large bustling port city, with almost a third of the trade between the Khemet lands and the Northern lands going through it. 


A port city located in northeastern Khemet, at the northern end of the Tulagi Canal. It also constitutes the bulk of the urban muḥāfaẓah (governorate) of Būr Saʿīd. Situated largely on man-made land, the city was founded more than 3,000 years ago officially on a low sandy strip separating the Trade City Sea from Lake Buḥayrat al-Manzilah.

Mud and sand dredged from the harbor and huge quarried stones capable of resisting saltwater action were added to the strip; its breakwaters were completed in 2,000 years ago. The city was named after the leader Muḥammad Saʿīd, who selected the site of the town. Consisting initially of a grid-pattern Northern Land’s quarter and a native Khemet sector, the town early established its cosmopolitan character.

The outer harbor, 570 acres (231 hectares) in area, was carefully designed so that its two protecting moles, or breakwaters, prevent coastal currents from silting up the canal. The main channel is 2.5 miles (4 km) long, flanked by open basins. To house workmen of the several huge dry docks built a new quarter, now named Būr Fuʾād (Port Fuad), was built opposite the city proper on the eastern shore between the canal and the eastern extension of Lake Buḥayrat al-Manzilah.

There are numerous old houses with grand balconies on all floors, giving the city a distinctive look. Port Said’s twin city is Port Fuad, which lies on the eastern bank of the canal. The two cities coexist, to the extent that there is hardly any town centre in Port Fuad. The cities are connected by free ferries running all through the day, and together they form a metropolitan area with over a 500,000 residents that extends both on the Khemet and the Carthage sides of the Canal. The only other metropolitan area in the world that also spans two continents is Kokand.

Port Said acted as a global city since its establishment and flourished when it was inhabited by various nationalities and religions. They coexisted in tolerance, forming a cosmopolitan community. 

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