Arthurian’s Fall (correspondance)

This letter is written by Luke to Nesterin, Artherien’s brother in Arborlon after Artherien’s fight and subsequent leaving his god Corellon and returning home.


Although I’d prefer to write you of more enjoyable situations, this is not one of them.

We found ourselves at the Island of the Gods. I believe that Glorion, who has now asked we call him Arthurian, was in enough anguish that his prayers were heard and it manifested for us.

Since he came to us, with wings grown, he has said he has no access to his god’s powers as a paladin. To my knowledge, being an Aasimar is a sign of divine favor, in contradiction. If he was having issues with his allegiances to Corellon, I think it has more to do with his instincts for vengeance and killing. In my research, I was surprised to find the god is actually a god of protection, music, and love for his people. Glorion had always told us he was a god of bloody vengeance.

So Arthurian, as he is now called, talked to his god face to face. I watched along with Te’Teh, and a manifestation of the temple. Corellon asked for Arthurian to make a choice between Key or himself. This is probably an issue due to Arthurian’s very conflicted relationship to Key.

I have to tell you that that relationship started out as a matter of convenience between them. It grew to more, and although they never consummated their marriage, I think if Arthurian had not been an ass, they would have. The night on the boat before we went ashore to the Island of the Gods, there was a fight between the two. I don’t know about what, but Key ended up in my rooms. She never said a word. Te’Teh told me later. Key has never had a bad thing to say about Arthurian.

Arthurian told his god he would go back to his service as paladin, but only if Corellon would rip away the memories Key had of their relationship, such as it was. I found this uncomfortably shocking. Arthurian acted as if Key would be devastated and would never be able to recover from his service to Corellon. It was shocking that he would make such a demand on a god, or such a demand that was obviously not good in nature.

Corellon offered to give Arthurian to his sister, because of Arthurian’s thirst for blood and vengeance, but Arthurian held his ground that unless Key would have all her memories removed of their relationship, he would not serve anyone.

When he came out of the temple, he decided to no longer travel with us, either. He has chosen to go back home instead, and “Prepare the court for Key”. I am certain Key has no designs on courtly life due to her vows as a monk, and her general down to earth personality. I am not sure any of us know what that means, and I felt something needed to be said to protect Key from this.

I understand her marriage to Arthurian is more than just the sum of it’s words to the royal family. Her bloodlines are beneficial. I also believe your family are good honest people. I am not sure what is happening to Arthurian. He has always had a side of him that seemed unable to understand a path that did not end in blood and death in his inflexible interpretation of his religion. However, I am concerned that he would teeter on leaving Key for paladin-hood if he could convince his god to rip her memories away, to only flip into supporting her by leaving.

I believe this might have to due with the mother of his child, a Drow we had never known about, showing up with a happy well adjusted ten-year-old boy. The Drow clearly still has feelings for Arthurian, and wanted him to know his son. We had to stop him from running off to the under dark after her to “rescue his son” but this choice to get away from Key, might have more to do with this reemergence of his former lover.

I am most concerned that he would so willingly remove her memories. The moral implications are troubling to me.

I would speak through the stones, but you do not have one.

I hope the next time we speak it is of much more enjoyable topics,

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