Island of the Gods (location)

Island of the Gods – Keyleth’s Map

Name: Island of the Gods
Location: Moves depending on need
Purpose: Temple to the First Gods (all)
Condition: Mostly ruins, capable of life support.
Surrounding Places of Note: None

General Appearance: The temple is spread across an incredibly small island. There are Khemet .



The Island of the Gods is a gateway to communicate with the divine. It doesn’t seem to matter what pantheon, what god or goddess. It is all based on the needs of the seeker. Each one has a manifestation appear. Some are good, some are bad and they can all generally be seen by all people on the island.

This island is used by many cultures for their religious caste to commune with the divine, seek inspiration or direction and to atone for their misdeeds. There is no judgment by the other divine beings on the island, it is always between the seeker and their divine source… whether or not they are religious is not relevant.

There will be more maps and descriptions coming up…

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