Bhen Tharim (location)

Name: Bhen Tharim
Location: In the mountains north of the Elven Kingdom of Arborlon.
Real World Location Karakuzuldzhik, Bulgaria

Purpose: Minor hold for the destroyed Estellan Empire (Dwarven Empire)
Condition: Currently abandoned for more then 5000 years,
Surrounding Places of Note: Thusi Mountains 

Things that can be found here: Below are a list of common creatures, independent locations in the hold. The list will be updated if more exploration is done in the hold by the party.

  • Basnet/Bugbears, Seemed to have taken over the area
  • Temple to Mori, abandoned shrine within the lowest levels (see below).

General Appearance: The abandoned hold used to belong to the Dwarven Estellan Empire, which was destroyed five thousand years before. Having laid empty the hold has become a home to various marauding races, brigands and criminals until something darker had moved in. 

The hold is broken into five levels, each with their own dangers up until recently. They consist of the Mountain Door, Glitterhame, The Stores, The Foundry and the Temple of Mori located on the Black Lake.


1st Level

The Mountain Entrance is the main surface entryway into the hold. It contains the initial surface defenses of the old dwarven hold, which is now mostly inhabited by Basnet. There was very little detail available to the party since they had to rush through the level and deeper.


2nd Floor

The Glitterhame was the main living area for the ancient hold. What remains now are scattered buildings lived in by Basnet and other marauding creatures. Nothing of value was noted in the quick travel through the dead Basnet.


3rd Floor

The Sinkhole was at one time a storage level for the hold. The river broke through at some point and rendered most of the storage rooms unusable be due to mold, and rot that would occur within a very short period of time.


4th Floor

The heart of the hold was the foundry. Here the dwarves plied their trade, smelted their ore and the king sat in the throne room. The throne room is also where the group met “Those That Remain” the elves that had been sent up months earlier to investigate and look for the banner.


5th floor

The black lake was the home of Nightscale and the Temple of Mori (location to come but in the northwest corner of the map). Here the group found a gate into a tropical area, located on a mountain very similar to Bhen Tharim. Below as the Temple to Mori, a very simple stone pyramid, and the remains of King Surana’s family and troops in what was an incredibly bloody battle.

It should be noted that this has the same “timeless” qualities as the village outside the Temple of Gusi. This is also where Key found her sword and the group found who they believe to be Glorion’s mother after they dispatched her and the other enslaved celestial.


The Temple of Mori is a plain stone temple located through the gate on the Black Lake. Consisting of supporting pillars on the inside there are four large rooms, mostly empty. In Area 3 there are two dais raised up that held the enslaved celestials and an altar to Mori. Nothing else was found.

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