Elven Kingdom of Arborlon (kingdom)


“We will guard the Broken Forest with our flesh, blood and spirit.”

Arborlon Flag

Conventional Long Form: The Elven Kingdom of Arborlon, the Bright, Shining Light Against the Broken Shadows.
Other Names for Arborlon: The Shield against the Darkness, The Defenders of the Forest of Rusva Taure (Broken Forest).
Real World Location  Kirklareli Province of Turkey out to Jambol and Burgas provinces of Bulgaria.
Government Type: King/Queen and Council of Elders
Legal System: Royal Court System
Cities/Towns/Outposts of Arborlon:


  • Common,
  • Quelin (Ancient Elven)
  • Common Elven (helps understanding dialects below),
    • Telerin,
    • Nandorin,
    • Sindarin 
  • Underdark
  • Drow
  • Many goblinoid languages.

Allies: Occasionally alliances or trade treaties with humans and certain dwarf kingdoms, but no full Alliances except what they might be able to call upon from other Elf Kingdoms.
Enemies: The Shadow-kin, Drow, Orcs and anything that intrudes upon their guarding the Underdark and Shadowfell entrances they guard.


The Royal House of Elenren has acted as the ruling family for the Kingdom of Arborlorn for several generations. They have been responsible for overseeing both the entrances to the Underdark, and the thinning of the shroud between the common plane and the plane of shadows.

While there have been accusations of personal enrichment and favoritism in the past on the family, they have always defended the the peoples of the common plane from intrusions without fail. They are rumored to be arrogant, unkind, cold and aloof but part of that comes from keeping the other races out of the forest and out of trouble.
If the family of Elenren were to ever disappear, the Council of Elders would nominate and vote for the next family to take over the position (which happened 5 generations before when the Elenren family was nominated after the disappearance of the entire line of Drannor.

The position of King or Queen is hereditary and generally the firstborn child to the current King/Queen will take over when their parent either passes away or abdicates. The current king is Aeceran Elenran, the Golden. His eldest son is Artherien Elenren (known as Glorion) is technically the oldest child, however he since was brought back to the Kingdom with his father after a campaign against the Drow he is not the recognized successor.

His mother has never stepped foot within the Forest and because of his unknown maternal parentage his father and the council determined that the position of Prince of Light (next in line as ruler) would fall to his younger brother Nesterin Elenren. Artherien still is treated fully as a member of the royal family (and is considered such by the kingdom), the only difference is he may not serve as King, at least until Nesterin abdicates or perishes.

The King’s wife and Queen is Aluria, a beautiful and cold elven woman who enjoys the perks of being a Queen and is quite capable in court. Her daughter (Glorian’s half-sister) Alluvian has always tried to be the peacemaker of the family. When Nesterin and Artherian fight she usually clears up the problems.


A long time ago the Elenren family determined they alone were not always capable of seeing the way through crises unbiasedly so they formed the Council of Elders. The Elders are comprised of older elves who have seen many decades/centuries and who have unique experience. They attempt to have elders from all walks of life including knights, hunters, traders, smiths, etc. so as to get as wide experience as possible. The representative of all the cities/towns/outposts vote for who should be made elder, that way to at least give the image of being fair.

The nominated/elected leader of the Elders (elected by the other elders) is called the Elder Archivist and is in charge of overseeing the archive and the other archivists. The pre-requisit for archivist is to learn Quelin (Ancient Elven) as many of the old tomes are written in that language. The Elder Archivist also has a network of information from outside the forest that they use to keep the Royal Family (specifically King/Queen) informed of events.


The Broken Forest is one of the three oldest forests known. It is deep, dark, full of terror and wonder. It lies close to many magical Ley-Lines and because of this the forest is a problem to all races in the area. The forest is a major conduit to the Underdark and the races that live beneath the earth. In addition the “Shroud” or “Veil” as it is known that separates the different planes is incredibly thin in connection with the Land of Shadows.

The Underdark is a much different world then above. While slavery is legal in many places above, it is what life is in the under dark for the civilized races that live there. Filled with Dark Elves (known colloquially as Drow in what many non-elves think is a way for elves to try and distance their more negative brethren). The relationship with the Drow and the Elves of Arborlon is one of violence and hatred as the Knights and Warriors of Arborlon wage a constant defense against the incursion of Drow and sometimes mount crusades into the Underdark to push them back.

The other “civilized” races include the Derro (a magically twisted Dwarf race), the Duergar another “touched” race of Dwarves but distinctly different then Derro, who work with Drow regularly. The Illithid and factions of the Kuo-Toa. Dwarves themselves are not considered denizens of the Underdark even though most of their holds lie in the earth, they are considered a “common race” and not viewed as mortal enemies, although there have been plenty of wars with them.

The other enemy in the Broken Forest are the Shadow-kin, the various beasts, creatures and peoples that sometimes slip from the Land of Shadow when the Shroud thins. The variety of threats from the Land of Shadow are only outnumbered by the terror they would bring to the outside world.

As one of a few cracks in our plane, the Broken Forest represents one of the biggest threats to the local kingdoms. It is why the Elves are so harsh in their protection of the forest, not to punish the other races, but to keep them safe and to keep the evil within.

The elves help keep the darkness that is in the forest from spilling out by utilizing huge bonfires around the forest that are lit when the fog of the Broken Forest begins to spill out. Hard firelight is one of the few ways to keep the fog at bay and prevent that which lives within the fog from leaving.

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