A Cleansing Trip (downtime story)

Downtime: The incident below occurred after the group’s third game as part of Keyleth’s downtime.

Spending time in the corrupted temple had started to wear on my soul.  I thought that I could work out my troubles with some weapons practice at the monastery. After a day or so of anger and frustration one of the sisters came to me with proposition. That’s how I found myself a little over a week later on the road from Marzdur to Kokand. The trip was working, I felt much better.

I was sent to Marzdur to escort a family back to Kokand on a pilgrimage to the Temple of Savras. They were also planning to explore some marriage prospects for their eldest daughter. They are a delightful family who helped keep the trip light and care free. We were sleeping under the stars at night and riding and talking of nothing in particular by day.

We were about 3 days from Kokand when the lightness of the day began to fade and the animals went quiet. We were near a large group of rocks so I decided that we should stop for a bit while I scouted ahead. I set them up with their backs against the rocks and the horses surrounding them. I told them to scream out if they heard anything. I left my horse behind and started tracking down the road. It didn’t take long before I came across several large footprints. It all happened rather quickly after that. We startled each other really, I was just lucky that my reflexes were faster than theirs.

The first two orcs went down quick, which their fellows didn’t appreciate. The next group came in hard. There were 3 including a huge orc I took to be the leader of the group. I was fighting hard, for a few terrifying moments I wasn’t sure I was going to make it out on top. A few lucky shots later and I had the three of them on the run. The large orc gave me a skathing look before he disappeared into the woods. Somehow Im sure that I will see that face again.  The family was okay when I got back to them. I offered them the gold I got off the dead orcs but they insisted that I keep it.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We arrived at the temple and I decided to leave a few coins to Savras in thanks. I went back to the monastery to give a report. I found out that the orcs I fought were from the Band of the Rushing River and their leader was Dormin Talad. He holds a grudge I was told. I wasn’t worried about that at the moment. I felt as though a weight had been lifted. I felt ready to go back to the corrupted temple and clean it out.

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