Temple of Gusi (session summary)

Adventure Name:   Temple of Gusi
Session Number:   2
Date:   2.04.18
Location:   Temple of Gusi
Group XP Earned:   975xp each
Treasure: Data Lost
Characters Involved:


  • Ghouls (undead)
  • Ogre (giant)

Logs/Journals/etc (added as they come in):


The adventurers finally got to meet Sobhan in all his friendliness. The purpose was to send the group out and attempt to retrieve people that worked for him (and with Rabbit) before. He doesn’t hold much hope they are alive, and little hope they will find bodies, but he is honor bound both by friendship and duty to attempt it. The group is being sent to the Temple of Gusi to do this for Sobhan.

Originally believed to belong to the Atterwas family, this temple was from one of the original holdings. It served Itus, the god of protection and faith and the Atterwas family were devoted to it.

At some point in time though, a thousand years ago, something dark came to the temple. The white marble became more like sandstone, the earth around the temple turned from rich, fertile soil to the sand from the deep desert, and it began to spread out. The Night of Glass came, leaving the entire area devastated. Signs of fighting were left, but no bodies.

It is said this is what made the remainder of the Atterwas family go back to Kokand and try and hide in Castle Shard, which would fall within the same year.


  • The team arranged to have cure disease, anti-toxins and a Tenser’s Floating Disk scroll to aid in injuries and retrieving the 5 adventurers.
  • They arrived at the town of Gusi and found the remnants of the battle still there even though the battle happened over a thousand years ago. At most there should only be remnants of the foundation left, but that wasn’t the case. The area was also defiled.
  • Through observation the group confirmed the presence of three deities worshippers if not themselves at least:
    • Nephthys, the goddess of grief and death (horns around a lunar disk)
    • Itus, the god of protection (original temple’s deity)
    • Dunatis, god of mountains and peaks (local god stepped in to protect).
  • The group explored the top level of the temple, finding the caulked and sealed door with a small chain containing anti-magic field. In addition the stained glass on the sides had the same kind of caulk holding the windows. The reddish sandstone that seemed to invade parts of the temple appeared foreign and from a desert of some sort.
  • The group entered through the windows. Jeyya unfortunately broke the caulk seal on the window as she attempted to break the window itself.
  • The group found on the dais the following written words:
    • “The Devourer will be the infernal prince again for the third and last time… so many evils shall be committed by the means of The Mockery, the infernal Prince, that almost the entire world shall be found undone and desolate. “
  • The group found two entries into the underground from the temple, went down the western side and explored the first few rooms.
  • They were attacked by 12 ghouls overall, successfully killed 11 and Glorion held the 12th captured and tied down.
  • Killed one ogre who was attempting to kill human prisoners.
  • Human prisoners were found, part of a merchant caravan including:
    • Two merchants – Ravin Kerl and Mateo Hsing
    • Three slaves (all domestic female help) – Erscha, Irma, and Collette
    • One sailor – Arvin Alam
    • Four men-at-arms – Renner, Korsch, Belal, Timith
  • More had been captured a week ago but they were slowly taken away by the raiders who had captured them.
  • One of the slaves reported that at least one of the raiders was dead, she witnessed he was walking around with his throat ripped out.
  • The group determined it was better to take the freed prisoners back to Kokand and then come back later to continue the rescue mission. Also they wanted to make 1,000gp for the rescue.
  • Glorian is escorting his captured Ghoul back to Kokand.
  • The group decided to free the other prisoners (the merchants were not willing to pay a ransom for them). They will spread the information on how Hsing and Kerl treat hirelings and slaves.

Notes: None

Downtime Activities (handled at start of game): Two week time period

  • Jeyya, Week 1 – Crime, spent 25gp, 2 successes, earned 50gp.
  • Jeyya Week 2 – Secured Alarm scroll for spell book (30gp)
  • Glorian Week 1 – Dueling (pit fighting) did very well, 200gp earned
  • Glorian Week 2 – Proselytizing did extremely well – earned 2 favors (2 spent)
  • Jack Week 1 – Carousing, met 2 allied contacts while “relaxing”.
  • Jack Week 2 – Explored city, no effect.
  • Luke Week 1 – Opened “Redeemed Tieflings for Noble Rule” charity, earned 205 gold.
  • Luke Week 2 – Spent 205 gold on the poor in the Warrens.
  • Keyleth– 2 Weeks training (will determine exact skill later)
  • Rabbit– 2 Weeks working for Red Silken Glove
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