Noble Houses of Kokand

Note: Noble Houses will be added as I have time, this page is always in process.

Each house has their own symbol on top of the city symbol

Motto:  Various per Noble House
Location: Various locations
Founder: 11 Noble Bloodlines (10 active)
Ruler: Prince-Elector Jonah Valderbrund
Type: varies per Noble House
Colors: Varies per Noble House

Kokand has 11 noble families (10 of whom still exist and are active), all of whom have been in various aspects of power for over a thousand years. Each house has a hereditary seat on the Council, with most of the houses being wealthy and influential.

Not every house is equal, some are more powerful then others, and this is not necessarily dependent on physical wealth. Each family originally had some power outside of Kokand, before its current incarnation, but as the power of the city grew, the houses came closer to exert their influence.

The noble houses are ruled by a “Prince-Elector”, someone elected by the houses into the position to rule over all the houses and to determine results of any disputes for a period of 10 years. This Prince-Elector cannot be from noble birth and is a “representative” of the common people. Not only does this put someone in charge who supposedly has no ties to the house, it also means the commoners in the city feel as if they have representation.

The practice of a Prince-Elector (the title is the same whether the individual is male, female or something in between) is a bit different. Under most circumstances, the Prince-Elector is a pawn of one or more of the houses and rarely does more then be a figurehead. There have been past Prince-Electors who attempted to change things drastically either for houses, or for the people and this has usually resulted in them having an “accident”.

In the past few elections of the Prince-Elector, the Consortium, and the other major guilds have attempted to become involved in helping the selection. While none of the non-Noble Houses have authority, many times money, threats or favors occur behind the scenes between the Nobles and the Guilds. It remains to be seen if this will have a major effect in the future.

Each house comprises two levels of membership. The first are titled individuals who can draw a direct blood or marital tie to the family itself. Each head of the family is titled Lord or Lady. The second level are vassals, or those with ties to the house but not by direct blood or marriage. Many vassals enjoy as much privilege as the blooded family members themselves depending on the house.

links to House write-ups coming as we have time.

The Noble Houses

  • House Marquand– A merchant family, they command great wealth and are large, but not necessarily the most influential house.
  • House Longwei– A rich influential family called the “House of the Dragon” by Kokand. Rumors they have dragon blood abound, but no proof has been seen.
  • House Ulthuan– the only High Elf noble family who earned their position through private wealth and elven magic (and rumored some hard backroom deals).
  • House Ucenik– A family that is known for being scholars and more gentle then others. They avoid confrontation with the other houses.
  • House Devent– A family that thrives on art, charm and comeliness. They are the Kardashians of Kokand.
  • House Mehmed– A family renowned for its military legacy. Members often lead large armies for other states, or high up in Kokand’s guard.
  • House Rosetti– a house well known to have earned its power through nefarious means. Their original fortune came as a family of pirates almost 1,000 years ago.
  • House Dumond– Originally the lords of a small nation whose primary export was grain and other food. They established themselves as primary food supplier until the Consortium beat them out. Now they live on agricultural sales exports to other nations.
  • House Khorald– The only dwarves noble family in Kokand. Their power and wealth was earned through their family’s keep before they were forced out by a dragon.
  • House Talbot– A formerly powerful family, this house has fallen on hard times and is barely able to “stay in the game” as other houses call it.
  • House of Coal– a noble family whose name has been stricken from the record. The actual name is believed to be Atterwas, but the house has not existed for almost a thousand years. Castle Shard is the location of the family’s ruins. No one lives there.
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