Order of the Collar (power)

Order of the Collar

Motto:  “We own the world”
Location: Believed to be under the Slave Market
Founder: Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
Type: Secular, Slaver, Merchant
Colors:  Varies per charter
Symbol:An O and a C for Order of the Collar with a V in the middle being a stand-in for manacles (since the manacles symbol can cause immediate distress in those who see it).

Organization:The Collar is divided into an unknown number of charters. Each charter can be considered its own smaller merchant house and tends to own the trade of slaves or other items in different areas (as each charter is interacted with, they will be added to the bottom of this writeup). Each charter is commanded by an Opperhoofden, which literally means “supreme chief”.

The Order of the Collar started as a trading company hundreds of years ago when Kokand granted the company a 15 year monopoly on the spice trade. The critical financial success in that time period lit like wildfire for all of its other trading ventures.

It was this success that let the company fund its first foray into official slave trade as well. This proved to be its most valuable trade once its monopoly of spice trade ran out. Over the years the company made money hand over fist, all the while intimidating, and killing anyone or anything outside Kokand got in its way.

At first the Noble Houses considered stopping the Collar. Within a short time though, it became apparent that the cost to the Noble Houses would be too great as the Collar did enjoy some support from the Consortium as well. The Collar’s trade routes benefitted the Consortium for a long time, and the two merchant organizations flourished together.

Since that time the Consortium has stepped away from the Collar. The Collar has caused too much anger, and violence across the world and the Consortium has been watching its own future start to fail with its continued association.

The Collar has a very large army and navy and it uses those forces outside Kokand for its many purposes. As for Kokand, the Collar has become too powerful for any of the other power groups to consider trying to remove from the city, therefore Kokand remains an open port to the slave market, even though it is becoming more and more frowned upon by the population and even some of the nobility.

Known Charters

  • Charter of Kokand– This is the local charter and is responsible for the sale and care of slaves that travel through Kokand. This charter does no actual enslaving itself as enslavement is illegal in Kokand (the owning of slaves is not). More details coming as the group interacts with them.

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