Consortium of Merchants (power)

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Consortium of Merchants
Merchants Guild of Kokand

Motto:  “Samen stijgt de winst” (Together profit rises)
Location:Various locations in Kokand
Founder:7 Founding Consortium Houses below
Type:Secular, Merchant
Colors:Varies per Merchant House

The Consortium of Merchants is an arbitral body with authority over disputes involving the various merchants of Kokand. It was founded hundreds of years before and recognized by all merchants on an individual basis to settle disputes and protect the interest of merchants overall.

The Consortium meets in various locations to prevent spying or interference. The Consortium counts 13 ruling members, usually referred to as “Mercators”. These are the heads of the 13 largest or most powerful merchants, not including the Tower of Arcane or the Order of the Collar whose areas are different and not part of the Consortium.

The Consortium is normally staffed with 7 founding merchant houses, the remaining 6  depend on politics or power at the time through back room negotiations and power plays. The remaining merchants petition those ruling members of the consortium to hear their suggestions or disagreements. All merchants are welcomed into the protection of the Consortium, only at a small cost of at least 10% tithe of all revenues. Those that do not become part of the Consortium often suffer accidental fires, disappearances or lack of product to purchase.

Each Merchant House in the Consortium has its own guard. Many of them are almost equal of the City Guard. The original agreement between the Noble Houses and the Merchants was that the Merchants could not have a guard as large as the City Guard. The unexpected consequence is they never made the Merchant Houses concede to having less guard in total. This results in the total Merchant Guard outnumbering the City Guard by more than 2 to 1. This doesn’t include the guard for the Tower of Arcane and the Order of the Collar.

This makes the Consortium on equal level with the riches from the magi in the Tower of the Arcane, and the Slave Lords in the Order of the Collar. The list below is in order of power. It should be noted that most Merchant Houses have business in many different types of trade, not just what is listed below (links to the individual merchant houses still coming).

Founding Consortium Houses

  • House of Yin Yu Tang– The largest banking establishment anywhere in the area. Maintains most of its power no longer to its coin chest, but to the innumerable debts owed to it by others.
  • House of Spice– Responsible for the lion’s share of spice trade in Kokand. The House owns many contracts with foreign lands for exclusive trade with various spices.
  • House of the Golden Tears– Second largest navy, controls most of the naval trade routes and with the demands for transit/passage costs is also one of the richest.
  • House of Colaeus – The largest food merchant in Kokand, responsible for supplying the city itself with the majority of its food, let alone exports.
  • House of the Orange Lily– Largest metal merchant. Anywhere from iron, gold, tin, silver, anything that comes from a mine is tradable by the Orange Lily.
  • House of the Striking Martyr– The largest weapons and armor merchant in Kokand, barring black powder and magical weaponry.
  • House of Silk– Originally a silk trader, this house found itself the largest dealer in secrets. The original spy network and relations with other factions to keep on top of the silk market led them to became the natural House for spying. They focused on that and lost most of the silk trade to the Celestial Dragon. They consider it a fair trade.

Lesser Consortium Members

  • House of the Celestial Dragon– largest silk trader in Kokand (but not exclusive).
  • House of the Bear– furriers and hide trading.
  • House of the Swallow– Trades mostly in eastern goods.
  • House of the Golden Crane– Trades in many things, including gunpowder.
  • House of the Opal Sword– Trades in armor and weapons (no black powder).
  • House of the Red Silken Glove– Several avenues of trade, mostly silk/spice.


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