Order of Redemption (power)

Order of Redemption

Order of Redemption Symbol

Motto: “No evil is irredeemable”
Location: Fortress of the Redeemed
Founder: Yuethi Mooncircle & Fhomas Reen
Type: Secular
Nickname(s): None
Symbol: Three stars in a triangle setting
Followers: Monks
Allies: None Specific
Enemies: None Specific

Short Description: An order of monks who believe that no evil is irredeemable, the Order of Redemption seeks to give any evil creature a chance to repent. Its members do not believe in “inherent evil.” Specializing in rehabilitation, they operate in the Dungeon out of the Fortress of the Redeemed but maintain a surface headquarters in the Guildsman District. They make it known that they willingly accept any prisoners who are not of the major races—in fact, they’ll pay a small bounty (5 gp per Hit Die) for evil creatures with a modicum of intelligence (in other words, an Intelligence score of 3 or above).

The three stars are supposed to represent the triumvirate of stars seen in the night sky to the west. Legend has it that these three stars are actually the souls of three evil creatures who redeemed themselves as they’d died by saving a mortal from a terrible whirlwind.


Few groups spark debate like the Order of Redemption. This order of monks sees killing evil beings as a terrible waste. They believe in the sanctity of all life, even that which is corrupted by evil or which threatens to wreak destruction and death. As their name implies, the brothers seek to redeem evil, rather than destroy it. To that end, about eighty years ago they worked with a male dwarf cleric Hogun Silvergleam and a human bard named Konna Werran (now deceased) to develop a process to turn evil creatures good.

This process involves alchemical mixtures, bathing in magical light, and long-term exposure to certain magical music.

The Brothers started out with the goal of hunting down evil beings themselves and confin- ing them in underground cells to redeem them. With the advent of the Shark’s Guild and the arrival of so many adventurers to the city, however, they found it far more efficient simply to put out a public offer to pay gold for living evil creatures (50 gp times the creature’s CR).

They detain these creatures in their home called the Fortress of the Redeemed, their dungeon complex beneath the Guildsman District. There the creatures receive the magical treatments that slowly change their outlook and reform them.

The exact details of the process are proprietary and thus remain secret. The Order does not allow non-members other than the prisoners themselves into their Dungeon complex. Visitors come to the Monastery of Redemption, a modest building in the Guildsman District.

The Order of Redemption does not value free will nor really even believe in it. The group’s doctrine says that life is inherently good. The Brothers look upon their magical process as a means to put right what has gone wrong and set creatures upon their natural path.

Nevertheless, to avoid controversy, they refuse to accept evil humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, or orcs as prisoners to be redeemed (this would also raise some legal issues that they would rather avoid). However, rumor has it that this is just a public relations policy and that, in fact, they accept any evil creature.

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