Section 7: The Undercity & Undercity Market

The Undermarket

Location: City of Kokand
Population: 0
Primary Function: Mercantile
Primary Social Class: N/A
Places of Note:
Undercity Market (see below)


Located in Section 7 (No Map other than the UnderCity Market at this time) and not part of the Sewers (See Section 8).

Sometimes the terminology a Kokand native uses can confuse a newcomer. For example, everyone knows there are ancient subterranean passages beneath the city, and many refer to something called the “Undercity,” but these two concepts are not necessarily the same thing.

To a native, “Undercity” means the parts of Kokand that happen to lie underground. In other words, the Undercity consists of locations below the city, like the Prison and the Undercity Market that are relatively safe and “settled” by surface folk. It refers only to locations that are wholly underground; so, for example, the Longfingers Guild headquarters is a part of the Undercity, but Mahdoth’s Asylum is not.

The Undercity is almost like its own district and if the Shark’s Guild gets its way, it will be one day. For now, that idea seems a bit far fetched, but the flourishing Undercity Market proves that at least some folks are willing to adapt to a subterranean lifestyle.

In many ways, Kokand citizens look on the areas beneath the city as a wilderness. The Undercity comprises those portions of the wilderness that people have claimed and settled.

As opposed to other areas beneath Kokand, the Undercity seems relatively clean. The key word, however, is “relatively.” Areas beneath the ground are still areas beneath the ground, and that means they are damp, grimy, cold, and dark. Most places down here are lit by torches in sconces or hanging lanterns. Everburning torches are common, too.

Staircases in certain public squares lead down to the Undercity, and some large buildings also have known access points. As time passes, more and more businesses and residents are moving to the Undercity to escape the high rents and crowded conditions of the surface. Many of these businesses cater to races such as dwarves and gnomes, who enjoy spending time underground. The gnomes of Fairbriar are also clearing out a residential area called Deepbriar beneath their Midtown neighborhood. The city has not established a subterranean Watchhouse, though, so policing these areas is up to the residents.

Locations other than the Undercity Market: None explored yet.


The Shark’s Guild established the Undercity Market only a few decades ago. The master sharks saw it as a launching point for expeditions into the Ruins. They found a likely underground chamber, cleared and cleaned the place, and sealed off unwanted passages. Of course, they ensured that some major pathways connecting to both the city sewers and Ghul’s Labyrinth were available to those headed off to explore or reach other underground sites.

The Undercity Market consists of the Great Hall, a vast chamber used in a similar fashion to the open areas of the North Market and a number of side chambers that serve as more permanent shops and similar locations.

The Undercity Market is interesting because the goods sold here are aimed almost exclusively at explorers and adventurers. Torches, rope, mining picks, weapons, alchemical items, and so on are the order of the day for shoppers.

The entrance to the Undercity Market is a wide staircase leading down from Shark’s Square in Midtown. Originally the entire area was the lair of Kagrisos, the Ghost-Lich, carved out of the earth by magic. The Great Hall was his personal chamber, which he had filled with undead guardians to protect himself and his various treasures. Kagrisos hated the living with every flicker of negative energy within him and set about to destroy the city above with a magical plague. He was stopped by the hero Abesh Runihan, a statue of whom stands guard over the entrance to the market in the square above.

Despite the lack of sunlight, Undercity Market shops stay open approximately the same hours as surface stores and marketplaces (from sunup to sundown). The following are some of the more permanent locations visitors will find in the Undercity Market.

Locations of Note in the Undercity Market: Shark’s Guild Office, Great Hall of Vendors (multiple places here), Potions and Elixers, Scouts Guides and Porters, Chamber of Longing.

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