Section 2b: Temple District

The Temple District

Location: City of Kokand
Population: 9,000
Primary Function:Religious
Primary Social Class: Middle
Places of Note:
Temple of Umilta (Sekhmet) (152a)

Located in Section 2 (full map of section) along with theNorth Market District.

Teeming with churches, shrines, and the headquarters of various religious orders, the Temple District is a strange hodgepodge of good and evil. The dangerous and hidden Temple of the Rat God is found here, as is the Priory of Introspection, Temple of Sekhmet and St. Valien’s Cathedral. Those interested in some strange disappearances in town may want to check out the Temple of the Ebon Hand cult.

The Temple District is a relatively small section of Kokand centered around worship and religious faith. It is bounded by the King’s River to the south, North Gate Road to the west, Carver Lane to the east, and Golden Elm Way to the north. Some folks claim that it extends all the way to the Necropolis wall in the east—and certainly the area east of Carver Lane focuses on burial needs and other religious related matters—but officially, that is a part of Midtown.

In many ways, the Temple District is the most exotic of all the districts of Kokand. The strange music and chants of rites to unknown gods waft through the incense laden air. Couriers bearing holy writs brush past self-flagellating monks and street preachers hoping to bring salvation to the unconverted. Almost on a daily basis, one religion or another hosts a procession, parade, festival, or other public spectacle.

As its name suggests, the Temple District comprises mostly temples. On the famous Street of a Million Gods that runs through the district, virtually every building is a church of some kind. And other streets hold plenty of temples as well, in fact, some of the largest and most prominent ones, such as St. Valien’s Cathedral and the Priory of Introspection, are situated elsewhere in the district.

While ambling through the streets here, one can’t help wondering what the definition of a temple actually is. Although most people would characterize it as a building dedicated to the worship of a god, some temples do not fit that description. These places, usually monasteries, focus instead on an ideal, belief, or concept. For example, the aforementioned Priory of Introspection is dedicated to the nature and value of the female psyche.

But of course, not every single building in the Temple District is a temple. Some are locations like the Hall of Heroes, where statues of famous adventurers are displayed together. Some are religious support facilities, like priestly dormitories or small markets for temple personnel. There are homes, both for priests or other temple workers and for regular citizens, especially the more religious minded of them. There are also religious shops that sell holy symbols, holy water, sacred oil, incense, prayer beads, and so on. Tombstone carvers and makers of crystal vessels set up shop in the district as well. Finally, one will find the sorts of buildings any district requires: a Watchhouse, Firehouse, and the like.

MAP KEY – Location # then Name

  • 133. Striknos’
  • 134. The Conciliators
  • 135. Alaina Bellsong
  • 136. Temple of Celestan
  • 137. Temple of the Ebon Hand
  • 138. Temple of Teun
  • 139. Temple of Melann
  • 140. Phoeboul’s Temple
  • 141. Iron God’s Temple
  • 142. Temple Observatory of the Watcher of the Skies
  • 143. Taggert’s
  • 144. Temple of Inurath
  • 145. Temple of Gaen
  • 146. Temple of Ynchabolos
  • 147. Blessed Bridge
  • 148. Celestial Conclave
  • 149. Temple of Asche
  • 150. Temple of Fifty-Three Gods of Chance
  • 151. Order of the Fist
  • 152. Temple of Ahaar
  • 152a. Temple of Sekhmet (Temple of Umilta)
  • 153. Temple of the Rat God
  • 154. Temple of Navashtrom
  • 155. Hall of Heroes
  • 156. St. Valien’s Cathedral
  • 157. Mustek’s Shop
  • 158. Temple of Kharos
  • 159. Stormwrought Campanile
  • 160. Priory of Introspection
  • 161. Temple of Mocharum
  • 162. Temple of Excellence
  • 163. Temple of the Frog
  • 164. Denthon’s
  • 165. Shrine of the Oracle
  • 166. House of the Sacred Heat
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