Section 2a: North Market District

North Market District
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Location: City of Kokand
Population: 11,000
Primary Function: Commerce
Primary Social Class: Low to Middle


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Located in Section 2 (full map of section) along with the Temple District.

One of two markets in Kokand, the North Market is known for its open air stalls more than its workshops. Those interested in the technology of the Empire should check out the Smoke Shop, and shoppers can always take a break and have a drink at the Red Stallion Pub.

Many lifelong Kokand residents call the North Market simply “the Market,” while they call the South Market the “South Market.” The North Market, which centers more or less around the North Gate, attracts farmers and others from north of town with goods to sell. Kokand residents themselves conduct a fair bit of commerce here in open markets and shops. One of the busiest commercial areas, Market Street, runs through the heart of the North Market. The district is bounded by the cliffs of Rivergate on the west, the wall of the Necropolis on the east, the city wall on the north, and Golden Elm Way on the south.

The smell of fresh vegetables. The sounds of a crowd, with vendors shouting their sales pitches above the noise. A farmer toting a crate of produce with one hand and holding tightly to his young son with the other, it’s the first time the youngster’s ever seen the “big city.” This is the hustle and bustle of the North Market.

The North Market differs from the South in that it is a “market” in a truer sense of the word. Open areas overflow with vendors selling from wagons, carts, tents, and stalls, and small shops cluster together in the district’s squares. While the South Market contains many shops where artisans create and sell their wares, little is actually produced in the North Market. A soap seller in the South Market has likely made her soap in the back of the shop, but that’s not the case in the North Market.

About 75 percent of the goods sold in the North Market are perishables and food, not craftwork. Generally speaking, if you want a new leather jerkin, you’re better off going to the South Market, but if you need flour and milk, the North Market is a better destination.

Although the North Market is a commercial district full of shops and people selling various goods, it is also a fairly major residential area. More and more people have taken to living in the market, even though they might work elsewhere.

MAP KEY – Location # then Name

  • 103. Gatehouse Pub
  • 104. Eddarth Stables
  • 105. Telenn’s Sweetery
  • 106. Farmer’s Rest
  • 107. Verda Marsh’s House
  • 108. Cloudstone
  • 109. Red Stallion Pub
  • 110. Wagon Wheel
  • 111. Church of the Lawgiver
  • 112. Killraven’s Tower
  • 113. Mitoren’s Blades
  • 114. Book Wagon
  • 115. The Old Muller House
  • 116. Catty’s
  • 117. Lendarick
  • 118. Inchin’s Butchery
  • 119. Juggling Fools
  • 120. Adda’s Baskets and Tavoh’s Bakery
  • 121. Smoke Shop
  • 122. Nall Hall
  • 123. Wondrous Tattoos
  • 124. The Zar’at
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