Section 3b: The Docks

The Docks

Location: City of Kokand
Population: 7,500
Primary Function: Docks
Primary Social Class: Low


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Located in Section 3 (full map of section) along with theNecropolis.

Far below the level of the city streets, the Docks rest at the bottom of the Cliffs of Lost Wishes on a narrow, sandy strip of land. A dozen ships moor in the deep waters here at any given time—sometimes far more than that. This is a particularly rough area of the city, thanks to the influx of sailors and the district’s remoteness from the rest of Kokand.

The Docks are full of warehouses, ship- yards, hostels, and taverns, all catering to sailors and merchants who use them extensively. Isolated from the rest of the city by the Cliffs of Lost Wishes, sometimes the Docks area seems like its own separate community. Many Kokand residents live their whole lives without going there. (Of course, they probably haven’t been to the Nobles’ Quarter, either.)

The smell of sea salt and fish clings to everyone in the Docks. Sand and grit cover everything. Even the streets are nothing but hard-packed sand. The wooden buildings, stained with salt and grime, stand at odd angles from one another because each one is sinking slowly into the sand. The district boasts no new buildings, there hasn’t been available land to build on in over a century. Today, considering the sorry nature of the district’s foundations, any structures that collapse entirely or are taken by fire are not replaced.

The streets bustle from sunup until well after midnight with sailors and all manner of folk that support the shipping industry: dockworkers, shipwrights, carpenters, warehouse personnel, and so on. These are hardworking folk with rough demeanors. Most of them, particularly the sailors just off their ships, are looking for strong drink and entertainment when they’re not working. This is no place for the fastidious or the easily offended. It’s no coincidence that the Nobles’ Quarter is as far from the Docks as it can be laterally as well as vertically.

All sorts of ships come into Kokand Harbor. Most are fishing vessels; dozens go out every morning and bring back nets laden with the catch of the day. Merchant vessels, coasters, galleys, and sailing ships of all kinds also come into the Docks carrying passengers and cargo. The largest of them drop anchor in the harbor and transfer whatever they are carrying in smaller boats, but this is rare. Usually, if a ship anchors in the har- bor, it’s to avoid the daily docking fees.

The spit that serves as this district’s foundation was created in a massive feat of civil engineering by dwarves and humans after the defeat of Ghul three centuries ago. Workers dumped thousands of tons of rock and soil over the side of the cliffs to build up the area so they could build docks and support structures (warehouses, and so forth). They also carved a sea wall built around the perimeter of the man-made strip of land the district is built upon and a path from the top of the Cliffs of Lost Wishes down to the new beach far below.

MAP KEY – Location # then Name

  • 224. Olaf’s Flophouse
  • 225. Dockmaster’s Tower
  • 226. Hammer and Nail
  • 227. The Sailor’s Rest
  • 228. Zel’s Creatures
  • 229. Larel’s Implements
  • 230. Shipwrights’ Guild
  • 231. Nevir’s Nets
  • 232. Pier Five
  • 233. Savage Shark
  • 234. Esser’s
  • 235. Silken Sail
  • 236. Ennin Headquarters
  • 237. Abbara’s Bakery
  • 238. Shrine of Dreams
  • 239. Sard’s Boats
  • 240. Lighthouse
  • 241. Ruined Lighthouse
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