Temple of Sekhmet (location)

Umilta Temple of Sekhmet

Motto:“What is the matter with the poor is poverty, what is the matter with the rich is uselessness.”
Location: Umilta Wayside Shrine, Kokand (S2 02-01)
Head Priest/Priestess: Salkya
Founder: Cat (euphemism, original founder unknown)
Type: Religious (worship of Sekhmet)
Nickname(s): The Cats,
Colors:Gold and Tan
Followers: Clerics, the poor, thieves, tricksters.
Allies: Order of the Band, Thieves Guild
Enemies: None

Short Description: Umilta is another word for for humility, and it definitely takes after it name, at least according to some. The temple has seen better days. In a constant state of repair, the temple donates most of the money donated to it to the poor, the needy, and to stop the creep of the rich over the poor.

This means it does act as shelter, but doesn’t have the beauty of most temples in the Temple District. It is only the work of Salkya herself, the chief priestess of the temple that the temple  hasn’t either fallen apart completely or shifted its focus from the poor to those that can pay for their healing.

The temple in Kokand is different from most of the other Sekhmet temples. Many of the other temples focus on the healing only aspect. The trickster domain is an older outlook that was shed by those other temples. In turn those temples make a lot more coin and have a considerably higher standard of living since they make no enemies of those with money and power, and those temples have begun charging for their services as well.

The Trickster aspect here has taken the form of mocking, tricking and stopping those who abuse their power. The temple doesn’t seem to differentiate between secular and religious organizations or individuals when they do this. This results in the temple being constantly in a small political war with other temples of other gods and goddesses who are supported by the upper class.

This relationship with the other temples and the upper classes isn’t helped by the work the temple does with the Thieves Guild, utilizing not only their healing magics, but the trickery magics as well. In turn the Thieves Guild pays decently and occasionally will help the temple when in need.


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