Sargon (human sorcerer/cleric)

Jack Tar
Human Sorcerer/Cleric

Name: Sargon (formerly Jack Tar)
Race:  Human (variant)            

XP: 158,000 (5/26/19)
Class (Level): Sorcerer (8) / Cleric (6)
Alignment:  Chaotic Good  
Background: Sailor

Physical Description: 
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 145lbs
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Deeply tanned from long exposure to the elements at sea.
Hair: Bald
Overall Description: 

Personality Traits

  • I stretch the truth for the sake of a good story.
  • I enjoy sailing into new ports and making new friends over a flagon of ale.

Ideals: Freedom.  The sea is freedom – the freedom to go anywhere and do anything.  (Chaotic)
Bonds: I’m loyal to my captain first, everything else second
Flaws:I follow orders, even if I think they are wrong.
Misc Traits: 

Langues and Other Proficiencies:     

Roleplay Notes:   

Quest Logs/Journals


Jack looked out over the railing at the city of Kokand and wondered what new adventure waited. As a foundling The Ramisham and her master Captain Argus were the only home and family he had ever known but the time had come to strike out and see if he could find his kin.

“Back to work ye lazy lubber! You’ve not earned your freedom yet,” Argus yelled at the dreamer with a smile. Hauling himself into the rigging Jack returned to his post where he used his magic to direct the wind into the sails and aid the ship along its way.

Jack Tar, named by the captain of the Ramisham was a found as a young boy adrift at sea with no memory of a past. Jack was raised by the captain and put to work on the ship to earn his keep.  When a talent for weather magic developed Jack was encouraged to explore it for the betterment of the ship.  While the Ramisham wasn’t a pirate vessel they weren’t too good to take the occasional bounty as a privateer.  Jack has lived and worked for Captain Argus for 15 years, his estimated age is 18.  Jack plans to see more of the world(s) from someplace other than the deck of a ship.  Eventually he wants to find out where he came from and if he has any family or clan.

Jack might have been pale at one time but the years of working on a ship during all kinds of weather have made him deeply tanned.  He keeps his head and face shaved because the winds and storms play havoc with hair.  He dresses in a simple but functional way. The clothes aren’t the finest but they get the job done and will last.  He’s quick with a story which are mostly true.



  • 6,275 xp – Submission and Renewal (12/16/18)
  • 4,000 xp – Pieces of Pottery Part 2 (11/24/18)
  • 4,050 xp – Pieces of Pottery Part 1
  • 5,000 xp – Words and Consequences
  • 2,200 xp – Reprieve (adventure)
  • 4,500 xp – Gave at Dakhla (adventure) 10/6/18
  • 2,650 xp – “Rituals and Sailing Misadventures” 9/14/18
  • 2,000 xp – “Lies of Omission” 9/2/18
  • 2,000 xp “Enemies” (8/18/18)
  • 150 xp Treasure Log – “Servants of Mori”
  • 150 xp Treasure Log – “Miffle” 
  • 150 xp Treasure Log – “Meet the Parents”
  • 150 xp Treasure Log –  “Free the Children” 
  • 150 xp “Temple of Gusi – Strange Coincidences” Treasure Log
  • 4,000 xp “Servants of Mori” (8/5/18)
  • 1,000 xp “Miffle” (7/22/18)
  • 1,000 xp “Meet the Parents”
  • 2,375 xp Free the Children – Part 2 – The Mysterious Fire at Langwina Estate 
  • 1,050 xp “Free the Children Part 1 – Taking the Black Fire”
  • 1,450 xp “Return to the Temple of Gusi #2”
  • 1900 xp “Strange Coincidences – Gusi #3”
  • 150 xp “Temple of Gusi #2” Treasure – Log
  • 150 xp Temple of Gusi Initial Entry – Treasure Log
  • 975 xp “Temple of Gusi – Initial Entry”
  • 75 xp Meeting Sobhan Treasure Log
  • 150 xp “Meeting Sobhan”
  • 300 xp Starting


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