Luke Morthos (tiefling cleric/paladin)

Luke Morthos
Tiefling Cleric/Paladin

Name: “Luke” Leucis Morthos
Race: Tiefling            

XP: 172,500 (5/26/19)
Class (Level): Cleric (8)/Paladin (7)                     
Alignment:  Chaotic-Good
Background:  Acolyte

Physical Description: 
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10” without horns. Add 5” for horns for a total of 6’3”
Weight: 225lbs
Eyes:  Black all the way across solid.
Skin: Human white, often tanned.
Hair: Black, and kept long with braids.
Overall Physical Description: Luke does not hide his race. His horns are goat-like in nature, and spiral up and around in a very ram-like manner. He has a thick tail that is long enough to just barely lay on the ground if he is standing. His canines, and the teeth just to the interior are sharp, and pronounced. His eyes are a solid black all the way across, which is not too helpful in romantic pursuits. He has white human skin, but is commonly very tan from his time spent outdoors. 

Luke is a not that young anymore. He is just starting to reach the beginnings of middle age. His large rams horn spiral up and around. He wears his black hair long, and braids hang down on the sides. He wears poofy pumkin pants with tights, because they work with his tail better. He wears soft shoes to hide his footsteps.

He tends towards dark clothing, and often has as satchel over his back. He is quick to smile, but beware the wrinkle of a nose when he’s sizing up what kind of trick to play.

Personality Traits Optimistic, Misquotes sacred texts to his advantage.
Ideals: Charity, he gives a lot to charity.
Bonds: He owes his life to the high priestess of Sekhmet in Town
Flaws: He doesn’t necessarily tell the truth about his faith. It’s not malicious, he just has a hard time nailing down his faith to the specific tenents.
Misc Traits: Cleric of Sekhmet

Continuing Projects: Luke’s Prayerbook

Langues and Other Proficiencies:

Roleplay Notes:


  • Luke’s Journals: Complete list of correspondence and journal entries.
  • Downtime Stories – A conglomeration of stories written by Luke
    • Luke’s Charity  – Luke started a new charity, “Tieflings for the Rich” in order to gain money for the Warren’s poor.
  • Sacred Texts – Writings of Sekhmet’s Books.



Luke was born to Anekis Morthos, an infamous Tiefling mage Anekis was known for her pacts with demonic entities, and her delving into dark magics. She had a child and immediately started setting that child up as an heir to her somewhat questionable activities.

When Luke was ten, a bounty was put on his mother’s head, and she was caught and executed for her crimes. Luke was put in an orphanage. It did not go so well. His very race made others distrust him, and that fact that his mother was an infamous evil mage that used her power to ravage those within her reach, didn’t help much either. He took the human name as a way to distance himself from his mother.

Luke has always been pretty sure his infernal bloodline is not generations old like other Tieflings. His mother was pretty clear about his paternity.

When he was 12, he ran from the orphanage, and lived on the street. He drifted with other street urchins, and heard you could make a living in Kokand. He, and a small band of street kids, hitched rides with caravans for day work, and got to city.

When Luke, came to the city, he kept seeing cats. He would pet and feed the cats, and they would try to lead him. The more he investigated, the more he realized the cats would always lead him to Sekhmet. She was a trickster god of healing. It happened again and again.

Finally, when he was having a particularly bad day, he gave the last of his beef jerky to one of the cats, and followed it. He stood in front of the temple until a woman came out. Salkya took him in. He was 15, and taken in as an initiate of Sekhmet.

It was Salkya’s position that shielded Luke from being immediately expelled. He was good at his clerical duties, but his race wasn’t exactly normal for the temple. One of the other priests dug up who his mother was, and that didn’t make it any easier.

He continued to excel despite that. He still feeds the cats of Korkand, as a thank you for guiding him to his calling. He’s very religious, and maintains his race was just another amusement for Sekhmet.

He prefers to take work outside the temple, because Salkya may shelter him, but temple politics are not kind to Luke.

Award History


  • 350 xp – Luke’s Diary “Submission and Renewal” (12/16/18)
  • 6,275 xp – Submission and Renewal (12/16/18)
  • 4,000 xp – Pieces of Pottery Part 2 (11/24/18)
  • 4,050 xp – Pieces of Pottery Part 1 (11/10/18)
  • 5,000 xp – Words and Consequences
  • 2,200 xp – Reprieve (adventure) 10/21/18
  • 4,500 xp – Gave at Dakhla (adventure) 10/6/18
  • 750 xp – Logo of Silken Fists 10/09/18
  • 100 xp – Letter to Nesterin followup 10/8/18
  • 200 xp – Letter to Nesterin about Artherien 10/6/18
  • 1,400 xp – for first 7 stories written up.
  • 2,650 xp – “Rituals and Sailing Misadventures” 9/14/18
  • 2,000 xp – “Lies of Omission” 9/2/18
  • 2,000 xp “Enemies” (8/18/18)
  • 4,000 xp “Servants of Mori” (8/5/18)
  • 1,000 xp “Miffle” (7/22/18)
  • 1,000 xp “Meet the Parents”
  • 2,375 xp Free the Children – Part 2 – The Mysterious Fire at Langwina Estate 
  • 1,050 xp “Free the Children Part 1 – Taking the Black Fire”
  • 1900 xp “Strange Coincidences – Gusi #3”
  • 1,450 xp “Return to the Temple of Gusi #2”
  • 200 xp “Luke’s Charity”
  • 500 xp “Portrait of Luke”
  • 975 xp “Temple of Gusi Initial Entry”
  • 75 xp Addition to Sekhmet Books
  • 150 xp “Meeting Sobhan”
  • 300 xp Starting


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