Order of the Band (power)

Order of the Band

Motto:“Jiyanek din ne” (Not Another Life)
Location:Trifa Monastery, Outside Kokand
Founder:Yon Feder, First Abbot
Nickname(s):The Red Sash, Uncle Yon
Colors:Red and Gold
Followers:Rangers, Monks, almost anyone else who wants to protect innocents.
Allies: Temple of Sekhmet (healing god)
Enemies: Order of the Flying Sword (no link yet)

Short Description: An order of monks and rangers who are a members of the Trifa Monestary. The monastery is pledged to protection of innocents. It takes its name from the banda, band, sash or red ribbon which came across over the right shoulder and under the left arm of the monk/ranger. They often work with Sekhmet followers closely.


The Order of the Band started millennia ago when a group of dispossessed knights had found their way to Kokand during the fifth invasion. They worked as a mercenary band for years with little success. They were good at fighting, but bad at money.

After years of this, they eventually went out to the small hamlet of Torez, approximately twenty miles outside of Kokand. They discovered raiders had taken the town prisoner, but were surrounded by one of the local militias called the Order of the Flying Sword who’s job it was to defend Kokand and the surrounding villages.

Instead of saving the village though, the Order of the Flying Sword refused to step in and either fight the raiders, or pay the ransom. They watched as the raiders executed a villager once an hour, for three days this continued. The Knights asked the Order to step in, but were told that no one would step in, this was because the town was behind in its dues to the Order. The members of the knights got into a fight with the Order, the knights wished to save the town, but the Order would not let them step in.

When the knights went back to Kokand and went before the Council, they were denied the ability to stop the order because they had no official standing with Kokand. In desperation the knights banded together behind Yon Feder and submitted to be recognized as the Order of the Band so they could officially interfere.

The Order was not able to be approved quickly enough to save the town of Torez, it was burned to the ground and the earth left barren. The Order of the Flying Sword bought the land from the Council and left the ruins where they were in order to leave it as a symbol of what happens when people don’t pay their dues.

It was at this time that Yon and the rest of his new order purchased land outside Kokand, formed a monastery and dedicated themselves to defending innocence in all places they found it. They would not let another incident like that happen.

No matter what, “Not Another Life” would be lost if the Order could prevent it.

To this day the Order has never forgiven the Flying Swords for allowing the village to be razed and routinely volunteers for work that allows them to interfere with the Flying Swords.

They have found that Rangers and Monks that do not like the strict rules of most monasteries make up most of the Order, but other professions are also present in lesser numbers.


  • Novice – Level 1-2
  • Lay Brother/Sister – Level 3-5
  • Choir Monk – Level 6-8
  • Monk- Level 9-15 (various honorifics the higher the level).
  • Heirodeacon – Level 16
  • Heiromonk – Level 17.
  • Subprior/Subprioress – Level 18
  • Prior/Prioress – Level 19
  • Abbot/Abbess – Level 20 (only one per monastery)

A change in rank must be approved before it is official, this can result in some politics but generally it works out.

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