Back to Bhen Tharim (session summary)

Adventure Name: Back to Bhen Tharim
Session Number:   29
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 25, 2019
Group XP Earned: 5,000 each

Characters Involved:

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Wayland the Smith (npc)


Wayland is a human variant that lives in Kokand in semi-retirement. He makes occasional art pieces as a smith now, having done all that he set out to do. He started as a wizard many years before, and he kept up in that tradition for decades. He has extended his life, but he is not immortal. At some point in his past he picked up smithing as a hobby, which eventually usurped the place of magical study as a passion.

His only child, a daughter, was devoted to him and helped him in all of his production in his prime. However, he was unable to give over his business to her as he just wanted her to get married and have kids. Eventually Devina left and struck out on her own, taking the skills that Wayland taught her and seeking her own fortune.

He has studied dwarven rune magic, Nihon (Japanese) sword making, Zhonghua (China) craft techniques and some elven use of smithing for their mithril armor. For a few decades his focus on magic and smithing did combine as he learned to use magic while smithing, placing him as good if not better than most dwarven rune smiths, and elven mithril smiths. He is also the least likely to balk at working on anbar.

He would be interested in taking on unusual materials such as anbar, but there are some requirements.

  1. He keeps 10% of everything he makes
  2. Customer provides 100% of ALL Materials, or reimburses him at 120% of the cost.
  3. He keeps the right to refuse or change prices at his whim.
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Sargon’s Redemption (session summary)

Adventure Name: Sargon’s Redemption
Session Number:   28
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 18, 2019
Group XP Earned: 15,000 each

Characters Involved:

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Valley of the Fallen (location)

Name: Valley of the Fallen

Location: Prisacina, Romania
Establishment Type: Cemetery/Prison
People/Groups Located Here:

  • Order of the Fallen, monk order protecting the graves/jails of the dead from ANYONE.

Other Security:

  • Senzen “Before the War”, older golden haired/greying elder.
  • Wütende Rache “Furious Vengeance”, older red/greying elder red dragon
  • Halifka, Aarakocra Pledged Warrior
  • Metsek, Aarakocra Monk
  • Malcim,  Aasimar Monk
  • Bella Viso, Tiefling Prioress

This prison/monastery is a huge stone edifice that can be seen from more than 30 miles away. All of the stone is from the local granite pits, reinforced with lacquering of an unknown substance to help mold each slab of granite with the other.

The monumental quality of this edifice is created by the use of a huge plaza, tall colonnades arcing on each side and a grand entrance.

The interior is one long converging tunnel ending in the tombs of the “Fallen Gods”. A group of various gods/goddesses who have been killed or locked away here. They are here to prevent their return, and each new celestial is interwoven with the rest, so the combined powers of the deities is used to keep each individual deity imprisoned/dead.

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Ira’s Painting (artifact)

The painting provided by Ira to Luke during his visit to the Island of Gods tends to shift over time, supposedly showing the future of Luke’s family at the current moment. It should be noted that the description of the paintings and sketches does change over time and this page will be updated to reflect it.

Not actually the way it looks

Name:  Ira’s Painting
Owner:  Luke Morthos

Item Type: Miscellaneous Item/Paintings
Last Update: 5/18/19

Origin:  Provided to Luke during his original journey to the Island of the Gods by Sekhmet’s representative, a tiefling (half drow, half tiefling) paladin woman named Ira who claimed to be Luke and Rabbit’s daughter.

Ira has provided additional paintings for Luke and this item is a generalized reference to all of the paintings/sketches involved.

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Sobhan’s Manor (location)

One of the sigils used by Sobhans Merchant Guild

Name: Sobhan’s Manor “House of the Phoenix”

Location: City of Kokand
Establishment Type: Merchant Villa
People that can be found here:

  • Sobhan Padishah Financier and Representative of the Adventuring Company.
  • Temur Padishah,   an Orc barbarian, from the Golden Horde and Sobhan’s son.

External Security:

  • City Guard, within 10 minutes
  • Steel Talons gang (sewer below)
  • Corvo Raven Gang (surface streets)

The outer walls are reinforced stone while the inner walls are soundproofed plaster and lathe, with a filling to absorb sound. Outer doors are heavy oak with secure locks (DC 20). 

Security for the house is comprised mostly of guards and Sobhan’s magical support. Typically there are 10-15 guards within the house Continue reading

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Grumsh, the Watching Warrior (religion)

“Snaga mat kordh-ishi” – Slaves die in their beds. (A common “wake up” orc greeting.)

“Seek unceasing war against your enemies, and kill or enslave those who oppose you. Acquire territory and living space. Destroy elves, their homes, and their lands. Crush the dwarves and take their deep caves for your own. Be strong, and be prepared to show your strength at any moment. Showing weakness is the key to an early death. The greatest gift that He Who Watches gave to the orcs was the ability to survive where the weaker races would die. Build your strength in these lands and use them to overrun your enemies. “ – Common orc saying

Deity:   Gruumsh Skatoties Karaviru, (Grumsh, the Watching Warrior)
Alignment:   Chaotic Evil
Home Plane:   Nishrek
Domains:   Tempest, War
Divine Rank:   Greater Deity
Titles:   He Who Never Sleeps, He Who Watches, The One-Eyed God
Symbol:   Blood Spear on Red Field
Known Aspects/Aliases/Avatars:   Gruumsh, Kefel,
Head Priest:   None in Kokand
Temple Location:   None in Kokand
Followers Size:   Most of the orc race
Related Organizations:   Order of the Watchful Eye, Spear Brothers,
Enemies:   Elves and dwarves Continue reading

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Basic Primer: Order to Chaos and Back (myth)


Outdated Modes of Thought

Most current pantheons and theologies have a similar outlook in both religious, moral and cosmological makeup. The base assessment in our current times is a struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, etc.

Good implies altruism, life and concern for others. Evil implies hurting, oppressing or killing others. It should be noted that almost everyone falls between these two outlooks and it is a spectrum, not a binary setting. Unfortunately this simplistic outlook does not seem to mesh with the history and data uncovered in our research of the Abyss and the Celestials. This report will hopefully clarify some of that data. Continue reading

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Lolth, Fallen First Wife of the Seldarine (religion)

“Great Goddess, Mother of the Dark, grant me the blood of my enemies for drink and their living hearts for meat. Grant me the screams of their young for song, grant me the helplessness of their males for my satisfaction, grant me the wealth of their houses for my bed. By this unworthy sacrifice I honor you, Queen of Spiders, and beseech of you the strength to destroy my foes.”
– Pellanistra Helviiryn, Drow Matron

Deity:   Lolth, Fallen First Wife of the Seldarine
Home Plane:   The Abyss
Domains:   Trickery, War
Divine Rank:   Greater Deity
Titles:   Queen of the Drow, The Spider Goddess, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, First of the Fallen Seldarine, The Outcast, The Adulterer, Mother of Lusts, The Lady of Chaos
Symbol:   Spiders, all forms of spiders
Known Aspects/Aliases/Avatars:   Araushnee
Head Priest:   None in Kokand
Temple Location:   None in Kokand
Followers Size:   Most of the drow race, at least in acknowledgment.
Related Organizations:   Handmaidens of the Spider Queen, Militant Myrlochar (Order of Soul Spiders)
Enemies:   Surface Elves (specifically followers of Corellon)
Date Provided/Updated: 9.24.5751
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Compass of Desire (artifact)

The Compass of Desire is an infernal artifact. Only truly usable by those of infernal blood, it is sometimes gifted to mortals for a limited use basis, usually dependent on a pact.

Compass of Desire

Name:  Compass of Desire
Owner:  Luke Morthos

Item Type: Miscellaneous Item/Compass
Origin:  Said to be originally owned by Azxermidius the Wise, an elder infernal prince, this device has been around for millenia.

Coveted by many, the compass has a long and rich history, most recently it is truly owned by Sidonai the archivist, who has loaned it to mortals for pacts, and most recently his son for personal use.

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